Trevali Mining Corporation Announces Voting Results from AGM

 Trevali Mining Corporation (TSX:TV,OTCQX:TREVF,LMA:TV,FWB:4TI) announced voting results from its 2013 Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders that was held in Vancouver, BC on June 19, 2013. Shareholders approved the Company’s Advanced Notice Policy, giving shareholders, directors, and management of the Company a fixed deadline for submitting director nominations to the Company. All of the nominees listed in Trevali’s Management Information Circular dated May 15, 2013 were elected as directors.

As quoted in the press release:

Detailed results of the election of director nominees are shown in the attached table.

Director Number of votes in favour Percentage of votes in favour
Mark Cruise 81,218,063 99.91%
Anthony Holler 77,126,343 94.87%
Anton Drescher 76,842,943 94.52%
Michael Hoffman 77,086,343 94.82%
Paul Klipfel 80,948,363 99.57%
Christopher Eskdale 75,994,943 93.48%
Catherine Gignac 80,994,363 99.63%
Valentin Paniagua 80,948,363 99.57%
David Huberman 81,197,763 99.88%
Peter Meredith 78,920,633 97.08%

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