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ECB News Damages Precious Metals Sentiment reported that silver sank on Monday morning due to better-than-expected stress test results from the European Central Bank (ECB). The results "improved equity market sentiment" and thus hurt prospects for precious metals.

Silver Rallies On German Bailout Decision

Business Insider reported the rise in the price of silver, trading at $33.94 an ounce, up almost 1.5% on after the announcement that Germany’s top court ruled that Germany can ratify the €500 billion ESM bailout fund but with strict conditions.

Silver Price Down on ECB Announcement

Silver prices fell as ECB announced lowering both interest rates and bank reserve ratios to create liquidity for European banking institutions. While the announcement should have stimulated the markets, the ECB stated that it would not purchase bonds in order to ease sovereign debt issues.

Silver’s decline: Par for the course

By Melissa Pistilli – Exclusive to Silver Investing News Like many of you, watching the price of silver nose-dive over the last few weeks has left me wondering if we are witnessing the end of the commodities boom, as oil, gold and silver prices square off. Just when I thought silver could not possibly go any lower, imagine my [...]