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Has Silver Hit Its Bottom?

By Melissa Pistilli – Exclusive to On Wednesday, I expressed my dismay over silver’s steady decline after the big gains I had excitedly witnessed over the last couple weeks. But still, I remain optimistic that the precious metal will rebound from this latest set-back. Obviously, exorbitant prices at the pump do deflate demand and [...]

Update! A Look at Silver Companies in the News

By Melissa Pistilli – Exclusive to Update! Those investors who bought silver last week under anticipation of a bust through $21/oz woke up with a slight hangover this morning. Watching silver slump from $19.31 to $18.46 and further sink to $17.90 yesterday was enough to give me a headache. But, now at $17.33/oz I’m [...]

Silver Commentary

By Ken Ruffelle – Exclusive to It was in the summer of 1979 when I purchased a $400 bag of junk silver, seeking to begin my career has a high roller in the commodities market. Little did I know that as a 16 year-old neophyte investor, I would be participating in a history-making event [...]